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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

About The Silk'n Store

The Silk'n Store LLC has recently become the largest distributor of the Silk'n and its Replacement Cartridge Lamps in the USA.

Recently, The Silk'n Store LLC and Home Skinovations, the manufacturer of the Silk'n, have recently entered into an exclusive distribution agreement whereby The Silk'n Store LLC has been named as the sole and exclusive authorized distributor of the Silk'n and its replacement lamp cartridges to the United States of America.
As of August 1st, 2009, the Silk'n and the Silk'n Replacement Lamp Cartridges for distribution in the USA may only be purchased from The Silk'n Store website or its Affiliates.

No other vendor in the world is authorized to sell Silk'n or Silkn Replacement Lamps to the United States except The Silk'n Store LLC and its Affiliates.

Registered internationally in 51 countries, The Silk'n Store operates throughout the USA and Europe. We provide you brand new Silk'n products directly from the factory with a complete money back guarantee and 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Home Skinovations Silk'n is the leading FDA approved light-based device for hair removal in the privacy of your home. Safe, easy to use and cost effective, clinical trials demonstrate Silk'n achieves long term hair removal while offering you the personal convenience and comfort of doing so privately.

Released in early 2008, and in use by over 30,000 people in over 45 Countries around the World for over 1.5 years, the Silk'n has been tested thoroughly and accepted internationally as the World's leading FDA approved light-based device for hair removal in the privacy of your home. With its built in safety feature, ease of use and cost effectiveness, clinical trials demonstrate that Silk'n achieves long-term hair removal while offering you the personal convenience and comfort of doing so privately at home.

The Silk'n device is small and portable, and operates with a surprisingly low and extremely safe level of light energy.Silk'n products have been featured on NBC News, ABC Good Morning America, CBS Today Show and City News.

The process of light-based hair removal is well-known and established and it has been proven in clinical use around the world for over 15 years as a safe and effective way to achieve long-term hair reduction. The Silk'n utilizes the highly sophisticated Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology which is an innovative light energy technology combined with unique acoustic effect, designed exclusively for carrying out safe and effective removal of unwanted hair at home. The scientists and engineers behind HPL technology all have an extensive and successful history in the laser and light-based aesthetic industry. In clinical trials the Silk'n device effectively removed unwanted hair on the majority of participants. In consumer tests, users of Silk'n found it safe and easy to use in the privacy of their own home.

Silk'n Guarantee and Warranty

60 Day Guarantee

The Silk'n Store provides our clients with a “60 Day Guarantee” for a Silk’n™ device (“Device”) purchased from The Silk'n Store. If you are not satisfied with the results of your Device you may return your Device and we will refund your money (less shipping and handling). In order to receive the full refund, within (60) days from the date of purchase you must return the Device and must provide proof of the purchase by providing an invoice or receipt that specifically lists the date of purchase of the Device. This guarantee expires (60) days from the date you purchased your Device.

To ensure that your Device arrives safely and undamaged, please pack the Device in the original packaging and remember to include all accessories or parts and pieces in order to receive the full refund. You will need to comply with any additional The Silk'n Store instructions regarding packaging, shipping and handling. It is suggested that you insure your shipment because damage during shipment to The Silk'n Store is not covered by this guarantee. You may also want to ship the Device using a tracked method so that you can ensure that we receive the Device.

Good Faith Agreement: This policy is designed to provide a benefit to customers whose skin types genuinely prevented the hair loss results typical of the Silk'n. Returns to benefit from price changes, periodic specials, Silk'n models, at The Silk'n Store, or any of its affiliates, will not be accepted.

1 Year manufacturer's warranty
A 1 year manufacturers warranty is provided and described with the documentation when you receive the factory sealed box.

Does Silk'n really work?
Yes. In clinical trials held by physicians, Silk'n was proven to safely achieve excellent hair removal results.

Where on my body can I use Silk'n?
The Silk'n device has been designed for body treatments anywhere below the neck. The most common areas treated with Silk'n are: legs, underarms, arms and bikini line. Silk'n is not recommended for use on the face, and may not be suitable for everyone. We recommend that you read all the Silk'n warnings and contraindications in the manual.

How long does a Silk'n treatment session take?
The time can vary depending on the area of the body treated. A full leg can take up to 30 minutes, or two underarms could take 10 minutes. Because Silk'n runs on regular electric power it can be used for as long as needed to complete a full treatment of the desired area(s) for hair removal.

Is Silk'n safe?
Silk'n has been designed with your safety in mind, and tested and approved by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons to meet their safety standards for a home-use device. But like any skin product or electronic device, one must use according to the operating instructions and user precautions.

What are the unique safety features of Silk'n?
The applicator tip of Silk'n has been designed so that a light pulse can only be emitted when the applicator is in contact with the skin. This eliminates the possibility of an accidental flash of light directly towards user’s eyes. Silk'n also uses a very low but effective level of energy, up to 5 joules per square centimeter. Compare this to other home use lasers that often use more than 20 joules of energy.

Will Silk'n hurt?
When used properly most users of Silk'n report feeling a slight sensation of heat at the time of the pulse of light. Users with thicker and darker hairs may feel slightly more discomfort, but this discomfort subsides once a treatment is completed. For your convenience Silk'n has five setting levels that can be used according to your sensitivity and desired result. Please refer to the Silk'n instruction manual for more information on using these settings.

How often should I use Silk'n ?
Treatment sessions with Silk'n should be spaced every two weeks for the first three to four sessions. After that treatments should be done if hairs have grown back, until the desired results are achieved. For more information please refer to the Silk'n instruction manual.

Is Silk'n effective on white, grey or blonde hairs?
Silk'n treatments work best on darker hair types, or hair that contains more melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair and skin its color, and will absorb light energy. Black and dark brown respond the best, although brown and light brown hairs will also respond but typically require more treatments. Red may show some response. White, grey or blonde hairs usually don't respond to Silk'n treatments though some users have noted results after multiple treatments. For more information on why certain hair types respond better than other please refer to the Silk'n instruction manual.

Can I use Silk'n on brown or black skin?
Do not use Silk'n on naturally dark skin complexion! Silk'n removes unwanted hair by selectively addressing hair pigment. Varied quantities of pigment also exist in the surrounding tissue of skin. The quantity of pigment in a particular person's skin, which is manifested by their skin complexion, determines the degree of risk they are exposed to using Silk'n. Treating dark skin with Silk'n can result in adverse effects such as burns, blisters, and skin color changes (hyper- or hypo-pigmentation).

When will I see results from Silk'n?
As with any light-based or laser hair removal device, results are not immediate, and in fact you may not think anything happened all. Hair may sometimes appear to be growing back after a treatment, but typically after two weeks many of these hairs will simply fall out. Additionally hairs grow in three different stages and only hairs in an active growth stage will be affected by a Silk'n treatment. This is one of the main reasons that multiple treatments are required to achieve the desired result. For more information on the hair growth cycle and number of treatments required please refer to the Silk'n instruction manual.

Are there side effects from using Silk'n?
Side effects and complications, while possible, are not common if Silk'n is used according to the instructions and precautions included with the device. Please read these instructions before using the Silk'n device. In clinical studies with Silk'n a small fraction of users reported some sensation of heat, redness around the hair shaft, and slight swelling. These conditions usually subsided within an hour after treatment. For more information on side-effects and how to avoid them please read the Silk'n instruction manual.

Can a man use Silk'n?
Although hairs on men, typically those on the chest, will require more treatments than that of women to get the desired results, Silk'n may be used by men. As with all users of Silk'n, using Silk'n on men's facial hair, such as the beard and mustache, is not recommended.

Why is my hair growing, even though I treated it a week ago?
It is quite common for hair to appear as if it is still growing up to two weeks after a treatment with Silk'n. This process is known as “ejection” and at around two-weeks you will see that these hairs simply fall out or slide out with a slight tug. (We don't however recommend pulling on the hairs, just let them come out naturally.) It is also possible that some hairs, due to missed treatment or different stages of growth, were not affected by the Silk'n treatment. These hairs will be treated in follow-up sessions, and hence the reason multiple treatments are needed to get the best result with Silk'n.

I have heard that some hairs grow back lighter and finer after light treatment?

This phenomenon is well documented amongst aestheticians and doctors using light and laser devices for hair removal. It is possible that some hairs will grow back lighter and finer after treatment with Silk'n. Usually these hairs are a fraction of what was originally there, and continued treatment may have a desirable effect on them.

Why can't I treat myself if I have an "active" suntan?
Do not use Silk'n on tanned skin or after sun exposure! Tanned skin and particularly following sun exposure, contains large quantities of the pigment Melanin. This applies to all skin types and complexions, including those which don’t seem to tan quickly. The presence of large quantities of Melanin exposes the skin to higher risk of adverse effects when using Silk'n including burns, blisters, and skin color changes (hyper- or hypo-pigmentation).

Are there any warnings or contraindications for Silk'n?
Silk'n has been designed foremost with your safety in mind, but certain conditions may limit your ability to treat yourself with the device. To fully understand these limits we recommend that you read the Silk'n warnings and contraindications in the Guide.

Is long-term use of Silk'n dangerous for my skin?
The use of light and laser energy in aesthetic medicine is well documented for over 15 years in professional peer-reviewed journals, and by well respected institutions like the Mayo Clinic. These journals and institutions have not reported any side-effects or damage from long-term use of light and laser device.

How often do I need to replace the lamp cartridge?
The lamp cartridge life is limited to approximately 750 shots, which is enough shots to treat an entire body once, or achieve multiple treatments on the legs only, underarms only, and so on. The warning lights on the Silk'n control panel will let you know when you are close to or have reached the 750 shot limit.

Can I use Silk'n to remove my chin hair or elsewhere on my face?
Silk'n is not recommended for use on the face. Unlike body hair, most of women's potential facial hair remains inactive and hidden, while only a fraction of it grows and surfaces. Exposing facial hair to the light pulses of Silk'n may remove apparent hair but simultaneously stimulate unwanted growth of hidden hair. Also, using Silk'n to remove facial hair may cause serious eye injury.

How long should I wait to treat with Silk'n after unprotected exposure to the sun?
As noted in the manual one should wait 4 weeks before treating with Silk'n after unprotected exposure to the sun. However, if there is ever any uncertainty about sun exposure please contact your physician or The Silk'n Store customer support.

Should I do anything before treating with Silk'n?
Before any Silk'n treatment it is important to avoid sun exposure on the treated area for at least four weeks. A high level UV Sun Screen (SPF 50+) will help, as will clothing covering the treated area. The area to be treated should also be cleaned with mild soap and water, and the hairs shaved down to skin level.

Do I need special eye protection when using Silk'n?
Silk'n has been designed with eye safety in mind, and special eye protection is not required. The unique safety system of the Silk'n applicator assures safe and proper treatment on the target hairs only when the applicator tip is placed firmly on the treatment area. Some flashing light will be seen around the side of the treatment area, but is not harmful and similar to what one sees from a camera flash.

How should I care for the treatment area after using Silk'n?
The area treated with Silk'n can be cleaned and maintained with the standard skin care products normally used by women. As with pre-treatment, special care must be taken to avoid unprotected sun exposure to the treatment area. Strong sunscreens (50+ SPF) and covering clothing are suitable for protection from the sun.

Should I pull the hairs out after treatment?
No, let the hairs gradually fall out on their own. This may take up to 2 weeks.

Can I resume normal activity after using Silk'n?
Yes, normal activity is OK as long as no abnormal complication has been experienced. If a complication is experienced one must immediately see a physician.

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